Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about football cash generator

-Why do you sell the football cash generator instead of you directly betting yourselves?

Of course, we use the FCG for ourselves as well. However, interest for the football cash generator is immense. For us, this is an additional revenue stream. The proceeds will, among other things, help to cover our costs for finding and developing further betting strategies. And that, in the long run, will ultimately come back to you and will be better for both sides. Much more will be offered in English only. An important part of our work is the translation of any successful developments also in the German language.

-Can I use the football cash generator for all bookmakers (for example – Betandwin)?

imageThe FCG is a strategy for professional sports betting, and trading can be applied only to the so called in-play betting on betting exchanges (Exchange Broker). Conventional bookmakers may offer also live betting, but here there is no possibility to bet against an event (Laywette).

-What happens if this strategy does not work?

The football cash generator has been in successful operation for more than two years now, and the results may vary for each individual. That depends mainly on what bet is at stake and at which point in time the bets will be completed. There are many customers (including international) and also many results and findings, which exceed in number even our own. However, we must also point out that individual errors in the implementation of the football strategy can lead to losses.

-How much is the stake per single bet?

The goal for everyone should be that for every football game there will be about 25% – 30% profit achieved on a base bet of 100 euros. The simple calculation is that it takes three to four successful games for a profit of 100 euros. Of course you can vary your bets at any time, and customize your own betting experience.

image-How time consuming is it to make a profit or to use the system?

Since the football cash generator is used for in-play or live betting, you should definintely stay in the vicinity of your PC after placing the first bet. In this way, you can quickly react to certain game events or changes. You can also follow the game on TV if possible. But this is not necessarily essential. Currently, almost every day enough in-play football games are offered.

-Is the football cash generator understandable and easy to implement even for beginners or newbies in betting?

In addition to the football cash generator, you will also get the “Guide for Betting Exchanges” as a bonus. If you are already experienced with sports betting, you can begin very quickly. If you are a newbie, we recommend that you take enough time for your first bet, and firstly practice on paper or with low stakes.

-How many bets do I need in order to start?

You should at first start with smaller stakes and gradually gather experience and naturally develop self-confidence when dealing with a betting exchange. Only then it is advisable to raise the stakes step by step. A betting account over 500 euro is just enough to get you started. Many of our customers have actually started with less and today enjoy their growing profits.