At last! Automatic for forecasts!

From now on we offer you a free software program that takes and registers our betting suggestions automatically. You simply start the program and can then focus on your daily tasks.

Automatic for forecasts!

We will take care of the remaining work for you. The program is designed to work completely independently, and in a separate browser window on your computer. imageIn order to preserve all possible resources, the software can also be installed on a server.

The use of the software is free for you, as we, unlike the developers of the program, take up and cover for the license costs.

The advantages of automatics over the manual setting of the bets:

image• You use an optimized system: it is ideal for newcomers and also for betting beginners. You need absolutely no previous training or knowledge about horse racing or placing of bets. The program places all bets automatically in your Betfair account.

• You have more free time: you start the program in the morning and as you continue your main work for the day or pursue your leisure, the software sets automatically all selections in your account on Betfair.

• You have even better results: as we can respond more effectively and efficiently to short-term changes in the market, there are situations which arise to enhance your sustained improvement in your betting performance.

• Automatically you achieve success: start the automatics on your computer and put the program to automatic mode to achieve quick success.

Your benefits:

• Betting on top favorites means betting at low riskimage
• An average of 3-5 tips per day, every day
• Your winnings are all tax-free
• We do all the preliminary work and the analyses for you
• The placing of bets on Betfair takes up to 3-5 minutes
• Liquid markets which determine the use and yield
• Low cost, and high yield

We invest a lot of time and expertise to provide you with the best service possible. Of course, quality has its price, because you expect the best performance from us. We offer a service where you can work for only a few minutes a day to achieve the highly needed additional income. Seize this opportunity, and in a few hours you will have already implemented your first profits!